ATOMIC provides a high-performance dynamic collateral infrastructure

for exchanges, banks, lending & credit services,

e-commerce & point-of-sale payment solutions

Enabling Cross-Blockchain

P2P Financial Services


ATOMIC offers solid and flexible solutions for financial institutions that welcome cryptocurrencies:

Blockchain Agnostic – Any coin in the wallet of the user or institution can be used for collateral backed transfers, payments, exchanges and loans

Fast – Transactions are approved in less than a second

Scalable – Transactions per second (TPS) are greater than Visa & Mastercard combined

Custodian Risk-Free – Users maintain ownership and control of their private collateral at all times

Open API – ATOMIC can be easily integrated into most existing and new digital platforms

Monetizing Wallets  A new and profitable model for crypto wallet providers


ATOMIC's P2P non-custodial digital collateral is both personal and secure. Users and institutions can start working with services that have dynamic collateral requirements  simply and efficiently using the crypto wallet of their choice.

Thanks to the innovative ATOMIC technology, businesses can rest assured that users and partners will meet their financial obligations, repay their loans, and complete payments.

To avoid any custodian risk, all payments and liquidations are conducted peer-to-peer, without ever being routed through ATOMIC.


Thanks to ATOMIC, financial service providers can easily build, enable and use collateral based services  simply and securely. We support:

P2P non-custodial exchanges

Over the Counter exchanges and Prime Brokerage services

Immediately approved payments for e-commerce & point-of-sale

Guaranteed inter-banking clearing services

Borrowing & lending coins for short-selling purposes

Credit lines on centralized crypto exchanges



A proven formula for success, ATOMIC was founded by a team of highly skilled entrepreneurs with vast experience in software engineering, high-performance core system design, fintech, product design, blockchain infrastructure, cryptography, and algo-trading.


A serial entrepreneur, Amit was co-founder and Chief-Investor of ApicaGreen, an algorithms-based hedge fund, and a graduate of the IDF’s MAMRAM program.

Founder & CEO

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Founder & CTO

A veteran VP R&D, Dvir is highly skilled in developing high-end software products. Founder of Scaleio (sold to EMC-Dell), Dvir has been leading software storage  startups for the past 20 years.


Founder & COO

A seasoned businessman, investor and manager of financial initiatives, Ronen was co-founder and manager of the renowned Clal Finance Brokerage.


Founder & Chief Product and Business

A Management Member of eToro, Dvir is a highly experienced manager in a range of fields, from technical expertise, through product development, to operations and business conduct. Dvir is founder of Kaizen Financial Engineering, and a graduate of the IDF’s Talpiot Program.

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121 Menachem Begin Rd.
Tel Aviv, 6701203, Israel.

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